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If you want to take advantage of the real growth in the Invisalign orthodontic market, you have come to the right place. Invisinet will help you engage, develop and build confidence across your team to attract, convert and treat Invisalign patients consistently and successfully.

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The magic bullet

Our core message is simple: we build understanding within your team, we give clinicians more confidence and we give your marketing more focus. Instead of taking a purely marketing-based approach to boosting your Invisalign business, we consider what each player in your team needs to help you achieve sustainable, profitable growth. Success doesn't just come from knowing what you are doing as a clinician. It's ensuring your marketing is effective, your reception team is responsive and your TC and support teams are aware and engaging. We can maximise the ROI on your marketing spend by helping you every step of the way.
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Working with you and your team

You can’t grow an Invisalign business on your own. By joining Invisinet, you are joining a network where something happens every day – should you wish to engage. There are live webinars nearly every week, daily chats on Facebook and quick responses that maintain momentum. The ideal way to achieve success is to combine sound clinical skills with great customer service, backed up by good business practices. We have developed solutions for the full range of challenges that confront the GDP trying to develop their Invisalign business. Most of our support is delivered online using our sophisticated Invisinet Portal, meaning you and your team have everything you need right here at your fingertips – 24/7.
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Our Invisalign pedigree

Andy Toy and Jane Walker are a formidable team - who become part of your team. No matter what your issue, Invisinet has all bases covered. Andy is a respected GDP with an impressive Invisalign pedigree behind him, who speaks from and with experience. Andy is also a highly respected educator on clinical governance, consent and quality management approach, which means he not only has the content covered but he has expertise in the best ways to impart it. Jane has amassed almost 10 years’ Invisalign experience working as a territory manager and regional sales manager. Her insight into Invisalign and its approach means she is ideally placed for helping practices and clinicians achieve maximum growth and success.
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Happy Clients

Here's what our clients had to say about Invisinet

‘Within our first year of the Invisinet programme we achieved Gold status on the Invisalign Dr Locator!’

Dr Wasim Fazel BDS MFGDP RCS (ENG), Principal Dentist, Dentaliving

'In 6 months Invisinet helped us improve our internal marketing and patient journey resulting in a 130% increase in our Invisalign cases.'

Dr Yusuf Kaderbhai - Principal Dentist WS4 Dental Care

Dr Viren Vithlani, Grove Practice

‘Invisinet's support has been crucial to developing our team's ability to deliver the Invisalign patient journey. In less than six months of joining Invisinet our practice has achieved Silver status on Invisalign’s Dr Locator! All the things we have learned are applied in our day-to-day practice, not just with Invisalign - so thank you.’

Drs Upen and Viren Vithlani, Principal Dentists, The Grove Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your connection with Invisalign?

We work closely with Align technology to improve your practice profitability. Our tailored practice support and improved customer service helps you deliver more Invisalign cases and increase new patient numbers. Invisalign actively recommends our service to their doctors who have the potential to build a really successful Invisalign practice in their area. Call your territory manager now to check us out!

Is your service tailored to my practice?

Yes. We realise one size doesn’t fit all so we have three memberships available that we can customise to meet the needs of your practice.

What is your approach?

By working with associates, principals, practice managers and mini corporates we can help practices substantially grow their Invisalign business. As well as increasing your clinical confidence, our approach supports your whole team to help them become more competent in promoting Invisalign, engaging patients and boosting sales.

Which membership is best for me?

To discuss your membership options please fill out our enquiry form or contact us on 0330 123 9230 for a no obligation chat.